Whatsapp last seen details app


Whatslog is:
* Exact online / offline intervals
* Up to 10 profiles of each network
* Full time job
* Faster support service.

Best app usage tracker for whatsapp online!

Your best assistant in online time tracking last seen. We will show you the WhatsApp online for the last time, show all the WhatsApp statistics online for you! Wasap Tracker, use of WhatsApp tracker application online – what you need! With your permission, we will inform you about the pros and cons of the profile. In our WhatsApp tracker, you can change the notification sounds to the ones you want for each profile. At any time you can withdraw the application agreement and not use our application, the data is stored on a secure protocol, everything is safe!
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W Online Log and Notifier helps you keep track of WhatsApp online usage.

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For Self
– Keep track of your own online time
For parents
– Keep track of your children online time to make sure they are not addicted to WhatsApp
– Keep track of your children, especially those living away from home to make sure they are ok
For employers
– Keep track of your workers to make sure they are doing work and not playing WhatsApp all day

– Monitor multiple numbers
– Works even without “Last seen” on WhatsApp
– Receive notifications when number comes online
– See a historical log of online time

– No app running in the background
– Save battery power

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Digital addiction is a rising and serious problem and is thought to be linked to social anxiety, depression and poor social skills. Prevent addiction to WhatsApp by monitoring WhatsApp usage and online time and encourage more face-to-face conversations.



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