Track My Phone using Chat Messages


Track My Phone using Chat Messages:

Track My Phone utilizing Chat Messages enables you to get the area of your gadget by simply sending a visit message from other gadget to your gadget.

Ever been in a circumstance where you need to know where your companion, spouse, parent or child is nevertheless you are not ready to contact them and they are not reacting to your calls? Or on the other hand your senior guardians are making a trip and you need to watch that they have arrived at their goal or how close they are for their goal?

Presently, there’s “Track My Phone” application which will empower you to check and track your companions, relatives utilizing the most regularly utilized visit informing applications, for example, WhatsApp and Telegram. You should simply have the application introduced on your needy’s telephone. Once introduced and every one of the authorizations are in all actuality, you can simply send WhatsApp/Telegram messages specifically group and the application will react with the status.

For instance, you need to check your dad’s area, he needs to initially have this application introduced on his telephone. You need to send a WhatsApp message with content “Area 1234” since PIN is 1234 of course. The PIN number can be changed in the Settings of the application. On the off chance that the PIN is changed to, state 9421, at that point the WhatsApp message that you need to send to your dad’s versatile is “Area 9421” (without the statements) and you will get the area of your dad’s gadget.

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Directions utilizing Chat Messages

Application enables you to perform following directions during crises:

Help PIN: Sends the rundown of Commands that can be executed.

Area PIN: Get the Google Map area of the gadget. GPS should be empowered for this to work.

Alarm PIN: Rings an uproarious alarm by expanding the volume in any event, when the versatile is in quiet mode. Helps track the telephone when lost.

Vibrate PIN: Vibrates the telephone for 10 seconds.

Light PIN: Switches electric lamp on for 30 seconds.

Battery PIN: Get the battery charge status to keep yourself educated about how low the battery is.

Application PIN: Replies with App URL, for others to download.


WhatsApp is a trademark of Facebook and Telegram is trademark of Telegram FZ-LLC. TrackMyPhones isn’t related with them in any capacity. Track My Phones just peruses the visit messages from the warning and checks for designs that match with the directions proposed to play out specific activities in the Track My Phone application. On the off chance that the example matches, at that point the client is informed about it utilizing notice in the warning bar of the gadget and activity is performed as needs be. The application is in consistence with Google Developer Policy and GDPR Policy.

Consistence with Google Play arrangements and GDPR

To be consistent with Google Play approaches and GDPR the application does the accompanying

– Displays warning in notice bar at whatever point the application runs in foundation to educate the client about the application running in foundation. These notices can’t be impaired and are not discretionary.

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– Has choices inside the application to kill the working of the application where the application quits understanding notices

– Saves every one of the answers inside the application so client known when the application was running and how/what it reacted to talk messages with

– No information is conveyed of the gadget (with the exception of the reactions to talk messages).

– All information gets erased at whatever point the application is uninstalled.


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