Pix Backpack


Pix LED backpack

Meet the Pix Backpack

A keen rucksack intended to light up your day with some Pix Backpack light. It’s an ideal urban and PC rucksack for people that enables you to redo its plan while you’re in a hurry. From the exact instant you get your Pix Backpack, you become a nerd, a craftsman, a raver, or these without a moment’s delay. As you plug in the force bank to the LED Pix Backpack, it illuminates and puts on a pixel act for you.

At that point, with a couple of strokes of the fingertips on your cell phone, you can combine your cell phone with the Pix backpack knapsack and show pictures, liveliness, gadgets and even games. In case you’re searching for a useful birthday present or cool contraptions for any individual who goes to class, school or work, this Pix Backpack is a go-to alternative.


The free Pix application enables you to show pictures and movements from the market or draw your very own pictures and activitys on your Pix LED Backpack.


Make your 15in PC knapsack your regular collaborator and show cool devices: clock, stopwatch, clock or enact an electric lamp in night settings.


What makes Pix a cool contraption is the capacity to play old fashioned computer games directly on your workstation rucksack. This shrewd knapsack transforms old retro games into a fun encounter.

Down to earth Backpack

The strong plan of the Pix backpack rucksack makes it a solid match for any individual who’s moving. Pix is an ideal school or school knapsack that will support your dynamic way of life.

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Zipper conclusion

A PC rucksack for the individuals who set out to appear as something else. Pix is a dim rucksack that enables you to redo its plan whenever or place. With this PC rucksack, you can light up your day and express your uniqueness as frequently as you like. This is the ideal rucksack for ladies and men.

HOW DOES THIS BACKPACK FOR MEN AND WOMEN WORK? 3 straightforward advances: Plug in the force bank, pair the Pix Backpack to your cell phone gadget and show pictures, activitys, gadgets and even games directly on your Pix Backpack. Accompanies A 10000 mAH POWER BANK and works with any cutting edge power bank that has a 2A yield (USB Type – A).

Unfathomably DURABLE DESIGN. This LED knapsack is produced using an adaptable water repellent material that makes the Pix Backpack impervious to sprinkles, spills and major physical effects. You can drop, hit and twist this knapsack for ladies and men as much as you can imagine and the liveliness won’t be disturbed.

Significant FEATURES. The screen goals of 16x20px considers 16. 5 million shading varieties, so you can draw anything you need. The 34 oz weight makes the Pix advanced knapsack a perfect school, school or travel rucksack that is constantly utilitarian in day by day life.

What fits in this waterproof rucksack? The 27L volume makes it a roomy rucksack with a different compartment for: 15″ workstation, tablet, wallet, keys, enormous earphones, power bank, water bottle, books, pens and significantly more. Pix is a young ladies and Boys knapsack that can convey the entirety of your assets.

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