Lookstand phonestand


    All around good with all cell phones including iPhones and Android telephones everything being equal, the Lookstand joins to the rear of the telephone stretching out up to an entire 7 inch stature for the ideal, ergonomic review edge in both representation and scene modes to help expand your solace and profitability.

    At the point when not being used, the Lookstand effectively overlays down and stays joined prudently to the rear of the telephone. Very lightweight at 1.58 ounce (not exactly the heaviness of 1/4 cup of water), you never again need to stress over conveying separate massive contraptions that require gathering without fail.

    The Lookstand on an iPhone 11 Pro stands tall at 10.4 in. (26.5 cm) start to finish.

    Tired of propping your telephone against water glasses or containers in cafés? Think that its irksome to draw out those massive contraptions to put on your telephone?

    Neck and shoulder torment from being slouched over viewing Netflix on your telephone? Wrists tired of holding your telephone and messaging unendingly?

    Indeed, that was me until the Lookstand.

    Late insights show the normal individual spends a normal of 4 hours per day on their telephones. Fun certainty: In an upstanding position the normal human head gauges 12 lbs. yet, at a 60° edge (the typical point when taking a gander at your cell phone on your lap or at a work area) that weight increments to 60 lbs. That is the heaviness of 4 bowling balls!

    The Lookstand helps take the greater part the weight off your neck and shoulders for the ideal ergonomic position while utilizing your telephone.

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    While messaging is the fundamental type of correspondence in the cutting edge period, our wrists are experiencing the agony of holding our telephones and composing endlessly. Specialists propose setting the telephone on a table in a resting position to reduce the weight from holding the telephone while messaging.

    The Lookstand prevents your wrists from doing basically everything by holding your telephone for you.

    Intended TO STAND STRONG. The two foldable legs give dependability on any level surface so your telephone won’t topple over or slip.

    The Lookstand is produced using top notch, lightweight aluminum to ensure solidness. We have machine-tried and physically tried our item to be pulled in-and-out multiple times.

    Made IN KOREA. Korea is one of the main nations in the worldwide versatile industry and our makers have a solid comprehension of what an extraordinary item needs to convey.

    We have settled the model for the Detach Mount-a mount remarkably intended for the Lookstand to permit remote charging on your gadget. Essentially stick-on the Detach Mount onto your telephone to have the sliding usefulness to connect and withdraw the Lookstand. The Detach Mount additionally enables you to utilize your current vehicle chargers/holders.


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